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9 Tips to Boost Employee Morale

For business owners, hiring and retaining good employees is always a challenge. But in today’s highly competitive job market, the task of keeping your workforce engaged and productive is harder than ever.

After a disruptive few years following the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more working Americans find themselves dissatisfied with their current job. In fact, a recent poll from found that an astounding 96% of workers are looking for a new position in 2023! Meanwhile, the company also reports that 9 out of 10 employers say they’re struggling to fill positions.

With these trends in mind, your business needs a solid recruitment and retention strategy.

And many experts agree that improving employee morale and engagement is the best place to start.

Why? Because not only does employee engagement improve long-term retention, but disengaged employees are estimated to cost the U.S. up to $600 billion in lost productivity each year.

To help your business attract and retain the best people, here are 9 tips to boost employee morale.

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