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Motorcycle Awareness: 4 Tips for Sharing the Road

Every year, millions of motorcyclists head out on the highways to enjoy the open road.

But while the thrill of cruising on two wheels has definite appeal, it also has a potential downside: safety. The truth is, motorcycle riders face much bigger safety risks than drivers of cars and trucks. In fact, estimates from the federal government show the number of deaths per mile traveled on motorcycles in 2019 was nearly 29 times the number of deaths in cars.

Why so high? Some of this risk can be attributed to the lack of protection motorcycles provide, especially when compared to an enclosed vehicle. But it’s also clear that other drivers play a role, too.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, more than half of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. And most of the time, the car or truck driver – not the motorcyclist! – is at fault.

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